Rhett Barker

Rhett Barker

Name: Rhett Barker

Inception at BIB: 1 January 1989

Position: CEO

Personal Information

I attended King Edward High School and in my matriculation year I was appointed prefect, was captain of the rowing team and played 1st team rugby.

After matriculating I began studying at UCT but after my first year at UCT I decided to continue my studies through UNISA. I was eager to join my father’s business and learn the ropes of Short Term Insurance as soon as possible. Whilst working and gaining experience, I attained my Bachelor of Commerce Degree from UNISA.

I have never regretted joining my father’s business 29 years ago. I have benefited enormously from his example and from his willingness to allow me to grow and attain my full potential.

Like my father, I am a ‘people person’ and am passionate about steering Barker's in the same ethos of Personal Service which makes us really unique in the South African insurance industry today.

On a private level, my brother and I enjoy keeping fit and we have completed many running ultra marathons, cycling events and competed in a number of Ironman events around the world.

I feel extremely privileged to be part of what our business stands for and am always willing to extend and share that privilege with our clients.