Cash Back Bonus

The Barker Cash Back Bonus is our incentive-based programme that rewards you for managing your risk and NOT claiming. We started our “BIB BONUS” scheme in 1992 (a world first) and to date we have made 14 044 BIB Bonus premium refunds totalling R27.9 million to clients who qualify. Unlike other insurance companies, the BIB BONUS is paid out annually.


Am I eligible to receive a Cash Back Bonus?

The Cash Back Bonus is only applicable to BARKER PRIVATE CLIENTS, BARKER FLEET & BARKER COMMERCIAL insurance facilities underwritten by Hollard Insurance Company limited. If you have not claimed on one or more of these policies between the 1st of NOVEMBER and the 31st OCTOBER the following year (12 months), you will be eligible to receive up to 20% of your annual premium back on Barker Private & Fleet Policies and 3% on Barker Commercial Policies (calculation excludes broker policy fees, commission & SASRIA premium) back as a premium refund. The actual percentage each year will depend on the underwriting performance of these specific insurance facilities with Hollard Insurance.  Your BIB Bonus will only be forfeited following the payment of ANY claim submitted for ANY incident where the incident date reported falls within the appropriate BIB Bonus cycle. Your BIB Bonus cannot be reinstated, even if a successful claims cost recovery is made. Should you decide to withdraw a claim in order to protect your BIB Bonus, your decision will remain final and cannot be altered should any subsequent claim be submitted. Cash Back Bonus payments are not pro-rated for new clients that join the BIB scheme in between the Cash Back period. Clients will only become eligible on the 1st of November the same calendar year.

BIB Bonus’s will be paid out by mid-November annually. Those eligible will receive an email and SMS notification of the payment being transferred directly into their account.

It pays to manage your risk!