Client Testimonials

“ Thanks so much, you are super efficient and make everything so easy (as usual). Always appreciated! ”

Jill Van Der Spuy 13 February 2018

“ I would like to thank you for your prompt service in processing my claim. ”

Linda Panicco 16 January 2018

“ To you who I know personally, and all the friendly and efficient voices answering and attending to my calls, permit me to express my gratitude for the service and attention I received from you in 2017. It is always a great pleasure to deal with any of you and I wish I would know you personally, so I could shake your hands. A thank you to all of you from the sweeper to the keeper to the top management. May you stay healthy, successful and never lose your cool. ”

Kurt Lossgott 15 December 2017

“ You are such a star and I am so pleased I have been with you all these years – at least 40, I think! ”

Francois Marais 08 December 2017

“ Thank you so much. I really appreciate it and that is why Barkers are the best brokers, because you are always so fair! ”

Vivien Routledge 03 December 2017

“ We have over the years referred several friends to you and without fail, each and every one has thanked us for referring them to you. Personally, we also wish to thank you for your commitment for providing personal and unsurpassed customer service. ”

Sue Olivier 28 November 2017

“ I wanted to write Barker Insurance Brokers a thank you, for providing us with, in my opinion, the best insurance service that I have ever received. You and your company have time and time again surprised me with the efficiency and professionalism and have always gone, above and beyond of what one would expect. My wife and I can only hope to find a company in Germany that will deliver a similar service. ”

Geoffrey Madderson 23 November 2017

“ Just a quick word of thanks for this year’s cash back bonus. I really appreciate it, and as always, it reinforces my decision to stick with Barker Insurance Brokers, despite being continually bombarded with enticements to join other programs! I still think Barkers is the best! ”

John Traas 16 November 2017

“ As a client of Barker for decades now, I just want to express my gratitude for the amazing service you offer. I really sing your praises frequently because you are one of the few companies I know that offers true customer service, and professionalism. In all the years of being insured by you, and all the stressors that lead to claims, as a team you have been absolutely wonderful.  I just wanted you to know that in a sea of incompetency and poor customer service, you guys are a lighthouse!! I had the misfortune of falling very ill last year and trying to claim from another company, the experience couldn’t have been worse, and made me appreciate you all the more!!  Thank you again from a exceedingly satisfied member! ”

Cathryn Allwood 02 November 2017

“ You have been professional every step of the way, in sad, tragic circumstances, you made life a lot easier. ”

Gillian Preston 10 October 2017

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