Client Testimonials

“ You guys are the BEST – thanks so much for NOT being your typical insurance Broker, and really caring for your clients. That is what makes you stand out from any other Broker and sure why you’ve been successful for years. We really do appreciate it. ”

Jacques Wiese 02 August 2017

“ The BIB team have delivered a result way beyond our expectation given the terms of the contract and it is truly appreciated – thank you! ”

Steve Marriott 14 July 2017

“ Wow, thank you! As I’ve said before, you guys have been amazing to me. Your service is so efficient and I always feel taken care of. Thank you again! ”

Kelly Bild 08 July 2017

“ I’d like to personally express my thanks for the efficiency and world-class level of service that I received from Barker and MF Autobody as well as First Car Rental. From start to finish, the process has been easy, seamless and my car is now looking better than new again – I cannot believe this all took less than 2 weeks. ”

Greg Hoffmann 07 July 2017

“ Thanks again to everyone for all the assistance and guidance. Always such a pleasure working with Barker, from both a personal and business side of things. ”

Siane Gomersall 29 June 2017

“ Really appreciate the work that’s gone into this and the explanations you’ve given. BIB is a superb business and I have no intention of leaving. Thank you for being flexible. ”

Murray Legg 31 May 2017

“ Your service provider was AMAZING!!!! Thank you - so so so happy. They were professional, clean and timely!! And thank you to you guys as well. The service has been awesome!!! ”

Candice Vogel 25 May 2017

“ I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me with such a seamless service over the past couple of weeks as well as over the last year. Everything from my car being in two accidents to my personal belongings that were stolen from my apartment, you guys have been absolutely phenomenal. If I was insured with another insurer, I know I would be fighting tooth and nail to get anything out of them, where you guys are completely on the other end of the spectrum. I tip my hat off to you Barker’s Insurance Brokers, keep up the excellent service! P.S I will be recommending you guys to everyone in my circle and I’m currently following up with business insurance with you guys. ”

James Urdang 22 May 2017

“ Thanks a lot for your prompt professional service, I really appreciate it and was pleasantly surprised at the ease of which this matter got resolved.  I have had a similar matter with another insurer which took 7 months to resolve with a lot of headache. ”

Tjaart Van Der Linde 24 April 2017

“ I cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort that you applied to resolving my breakdown problem(s). Your assistance and involvement really was above and beyond the fantastic service we normally receive from Barker insurance. ”

Philip de Grunchy 20 April 2017

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